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  "Its like a flower.". If you fall in love with a flower growing on a star, then at night you look at the sky and feel sweet and happy, and all the stars seem to be in bloom."

  When I first read "Little Prince", I was attracted by his fresh writing style and pure world at high school. Now six years later, read the "Little Prince", can not help but again and again to tears, and palpitation for Princes mind be sad, moved by his pure and persistent love, for his innocence and mourning gradually to disappear. As the author of St. Erik Marcus Paley said in the preface, he put the fairy tale "to Leon? Wirth, when he was a boy"

  This is an adult fairy tale, which belongs to the once innocence adults fairy tale, the children can not understand the little prince biting sadness and heavy. They should not be aware of this too early. They should enjoy a good time in a sunny world. It is not so much a fairy tale, but a tragedy. The hero in the fairy tale always looks like snow white or Cinderella, and lives happily. The little prince was sad to see that in the meaning of love after death in the desert.

  The plot of the novel is very simple, mainly from the "I" point of view about the princes journey. For a beautiful and fragile rose, the little prince left has been a quiet life of the B-612 small swimming star, he has traveled six planet in the planet, he encountered some he felt very unreasonable than adults, proud as Lucifer king, mad about money merchants, pedantic lamplighter...... So he continued to sigh, "adults world is really strange."." Here the author of the little prince childs eyes, see these peoples empty, blind and foolish, as a adult lonely, no one can follow the situation.

  At last he came to earth. Here he met a fox, the fox to he solved that one fragile little rose brought him to love the doubts, make him understand, love means responsibility, compassion means, with love (generalized love) in the life all have meaning. The fox told him: "for you to tame things, you always have the responsibility. Do your duty to your rose." "If you make me tame, my life will be full of sunshine, cheerful. Im going to hear a different kind of footsteps....... You have blond hair, so once you make me tame, it will become the golden wheat will be too wonderful for words! Reminds me of you. I will love the wind through the wheat......" Love makes man understand sorrow and sorrow, and at the same time makes man free from loneliness and make life full of spice and meaning. Just as the little prince said to me, "its like a flower.". If you fall in love with a flower growing on a star, then at night you look at the sky and feel sweet and happy, and all the stars seem to be in bloom." So the author knew that it was no big deal for a sheep to eat a flower in the world, but for the little prince, it was like all the stars were extinguished in an instant."

  Finally, the little prince left his planet in 1st anniversary on the occasion, let the poisonous snake him, so he can get rid of the weight of the body, back to the B-612 small swimming star back to his pride and fragile rose side. The little prince was gone, like a little match girl, flying to the world where his grandmother was without cold and hunger, and he ran to his eternal love. The world was left with only the golden wheat fields and the insignificant roses of a garden. And we cry in vain. And we like to be tame fox, to miss the little prince in the golden hair. Because the little prince, I believe that the desert indeed hiding wells, because the little prince he heard voices in the wind in the desert, and drink that beautiful spring.

















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